Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bags are packed, SO ready to go

It's time! After almost a month of living the dream, and by that I mean living with my parents; I'm road tripping! Sure, the nightly dog walking has been great. My mom is SO good at hiding behind graves from our geriatric lab. It's a new game every day... for both of them I think. Nothing like watching your walking buddy scamper about on a crisp evening, chasing the deer we run into. Though Zeus the wonder dog is far above that, he's content to leave the antics to my mother.
Fall has set in and between savoring the crunch of leaves under foot and cooking up a storm, I have been looking to the future and trying to use these few months I'm home to the best of my ability. Thus far, I have thumbed through the GRE study guide, perused my choice grad school sites, (even signed up for an account on a few), Craigslist-ed the hell out of part time jobs, day dreamed about escaping for the month of November to warmer climates, and fantasized about moving to Alaska as a resident. Starbucks stock must have gone through the roof as I am fairly certain caffeine poisoning is on my agenda. Why do when you can overdo right? 2 pots a day has got to be better than 2 packs a day right?
And so it goes. It has been fabulous to see friends, most of whom are shocked to hear how long I'll be home. Never mind that this time last year I was traveling the world and conquering challenges on a daily basis. Who needs world adventure when a trip to a city council meeting is all one needs to feel the injustice in the world? Local politics have snagged my interest as I feel Painesville is a city big enough to make a difference and small enough to mobilize a movement. Check out the city blog on my links list. Shocking how many people post and how few actually show up to do something about the gripes we're all whining about.
I'm off Saturday on a trip down south delivering pots for the one, the only, Sandy Miller!!!! Ahhhhh! (check out her blog and site on my list) Anyways, I'll be making drops in Kentucky, Georgia, and Mississipi, rounding out with a nice stroll down Bourbon Street. As luck would have it, my once ever-ready friends are suddenly all committed to these things called full-time jobs. Though I respect... and maybe even understand their decisions, it's just not my time. A life in limbo, I will pursue because someone else can not! ...even if it means going solo

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