Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Food Corn!

Ahhh yes, I remember it fondly. My sister dangling her little feet from the car booster seat, gazing out the window on Mentor Avenue and honing in on the righteous porn picketers on a sunny afternoon.  Sometimes grocery shopping can invoke one of life's lessons.  "Mom, why are they holding signs about corn?"  That afternoon, mom and I learned 2 things:
1 - phonics doesn't always work
2 - Abby has been a diva since birth, lusting after the shiny green, sparkly outfits dangling in the "corn" storefront.

In honor of the perpetual relationship food and pornography now holds in my mind, here are some money shots taken this winter at our house.  A great example of what cold temperatures, good friends and a functioning kitchen can produce :)

basil focaccia by Rocky

cornish game hens, pumpkin soup steamed veggies and stuffing, impromptu thanksgiving!

butternut squash, porkchops, asparagus. and cheesecake!

herb bread rising in the morning light

and the final product

pizza bar...brought on discussions of opening a local pizzeria...

this was pretty impressive

juevos rancheros

crepes?  c'est tres bon!

swiss chard pie

my very first turkey! 

eggs benedict, how much butter?????

washington berries, boulder sausage, and yes folks, we have a waffle iron

SPRING ROLLS!  freshest app ever!
especially good with smoked halibut inside

mozzarella and sun-dried tomato stuffed chicken breast, roasted red peppers, and oven roasted asparagus

Special thanks to Mother Earth News, Joy of Cooking, Martha Stewart, Rocky's Bread Book, the Peace Corps Cookbook, Julia Child, and our very own brains for delivering these concoctions.  
Happy Chef-ing and thanks for checking out our food corn!