Friday, May 13, 2011

Just an update

And the ball has stopped rolling…for another few months anyways.  Made it to Alaska and breathed a sigh of content as we landed on a fabulously sunny day in Anchorage.  Another season, my third, and I’m still psyched to be here!  The landing marked the end of living 3 weeks on the road and out of my backpack.  While I’m definitely not done with being transient, it’s always nice to be able to stand still.

view from Sunset Point
After the state park post, Rocky and I headed to Bryce Canyon National Park for some sunshine and hiking.  Found lots of both and picked up some giant blisters at the bottom of the hoo-doos.  Loved the park, mostly because it was such a different landscape than I’d gotten used to over the winter.  Wish we’d have made it to Zion but sometimes it’s nice not to squeeze too much in.

Natural Windows

After Bryce, we marathon-ed for a few days, bless the red bandit, and made it to Three Island Crossing State Park, in Glenn’s Ferry, Idaho… to stay for a total of 9-hours.  Great showers and tons of cushy grass, highly recommended for an overnight.

Onward to the Oregon coast to see Minto, a fellow guide from Alaska.  We split that stay with a trip into Portland to see one of Rocky’s friends from his city days.  Yakuza is where he works and we ate.  A-MAZING!  Best sushi I’ve ever put in my face and certainly the best sake.  It was a seriously incredible dinner with some insight from the chef himself, with duck wontons in a consomm√© as a grande finale.  Good thing the sushi was healthy.

Rocky wasn't too stoked to be on Vertigo Point
Returning to our weekend at Minto’s, we received a tour de coast with more stellar weather.  Minimal hiking due to the time crunch, which was fine with my still-raw blisters.  Also during this time, I found out I got into grad school at Colorado State in Fort Collins for the MBA-Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise program, starting this fall.  Felt the load of anxiety I’d been schlepping around all winter dissipate instantly.  This was quickly replaced by the concern of finances for a master’s program, but it’s a nice thing to have to worry about.

As a final stop, we parted ways in Seattle so Rocky could head home and I could get some time in for "favorite cousin of the year" with two of the best little nuggets under 5, Nora and Lucille.  It's nice to have family stretched across the country.  One sunny afternoon we went to the Japanese Garden, part of the Botanical Gardens in the city.  Exactly what I'd seen back in Japan, so peaceful!
watched these guys for awhile

playing with shutter speed

 This summer is looking busier than ever, which means it will go even faster than the last few.  Cheers to endless daylight, campfires, and one more season in a tent…for a while anyways.