Monday, September 21, 2009

Hmmm, what now?

Salmon Party and hiking with mom...this is my sassy face. Art opening in Vermillion at a revamped movie theatre, super cool space!
That fabulous, wonderful enviro-campaigning job I was so stoked about? Yeah, SO done. My first day was great and the people I worked with are a blast. There is something about walking for 5 hours a day and asking for money that I just can not wrap my head around. Talking to people about the issues, seeing community support, and supplying resources for them to find more information was so much fun for me! That transition into the dig for cash? Nope. I think there are better ways to go about funding, though what I did learn about communication in that week is astounding. Glad I did it, will never do it again.
The pics posted are what's been going on since I've been home...a whopping 18 days. Mom is back on the ceramics scene with gusto, friends have come to happy acres to enjoy the delicacy of fresh wild caught alaskan salmon, hauled in by ME, fall has hit NE Ohio and I couldn't be happier. That walking on crunchy leaves thing is still quite an enchanting sound.
The fishing boat is back on for January so I'll be filling time until then with grad school apps, GREs, seeing friends, and actually being home to help with some projects. Extremely excited to catch up on some reading and cooking from our garden. And just in case anyone needs a chuckle, I've joined a spinning class at the Y to keep my girlish figure in check. Don't you wish we had a youtube of that???
I'm off to Georgia, Mississipi, New Orleans, and Milwaukee next week on a pottery run, followed by a bday party and grad school visit. I'm up for passengers!

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