Thursday, May 6, 2010

Just in time for sunshine!

The view flying into Anchorage was stunning. A perfectly clear day above the clouds and the sun was baking through the double panned airplane windows. After a rainy and down-to-the-wire arrival at the Seattle airport (note: pack BEFORE one goes out for a last night on the town), some good weather and burgers were in order. A fellow guide picked myself, Rocky, and another employee, who happened to be on the same flight, up and then we were four. Groceries and requisite beverages purchased, we all headed down to Cooper Landing where I'll be spending the next four and a half months managing some of the safari trip logistics as well as taking a few groups out myself.
Felt great to see the river and mountains again. Right before hitting Cooper Landing, there is a turn in the road and it breaks open to an absolutely breath taking view of Kenai Lake. It startled me last year and once again this time. Nothing like some awe-inspiring Alaskan landscape to complete an evening.

It's been dipping to freezing at night though the days have been full of sunshine so before all the hoop-la begins, the smaller opening staff resides in on-site cabins to lessen the hassle. Cuts down on the chance of pre-season pneumonia, just hate that.

I took myself for a walk along the Kenai...which also runs along the Sterling Hwy so, serene it was not. The mountains (Mt. Cecil pictured here) are still fairly well covered with snow and the ski fanatics make it a point to cover every last inch before melting and pouring itself downhill. Phrases like "It was totally corn today" baffle me as I'm from Ohio and when we say things such as "Knee high by the fourth of July", we mean the real thing people. Still not sure what that guy was really trying to tell me. I did gather that it's a good thing. Ran into a mama moose about 50 yards away on the meander home and had the Alaska reality check. "This ain't no mid-west girlie" Big wildlife up here...great from a distance.

In other news, I am the proud OWNER of a 1999 Subaru Impreza wagon. Great deal and came from a good home. This will facilitate plans of getting to Colorado when I finish up here in the fall. Of course, this also means a visit home in October to, at the very least, thank my parents for dealing with the details and my sister for keeping her hands off it.
Off to enjoy the playground I live in. Hope everyone can do the same!