Sunday, October 4, 2009

Porn...or was that Corn???

Currently camping in a Valdosta RV park. Sitting outside with wi-fi and the lovely hum of the highway I can see from my front door. Nice. It's only for tonight and this means I don't have to drive to the Florida border now. Had a leisurely departure yesterday around noon, made extra smooth by our new car not starting. Sweet. Finally choked into life and I headed down to Louisville STOCKED with pots to deliver. Mom hooked it up with a friend to stay with and as chance would have it, BOTH her sons were in town so along with one's g/f we went out for some bevys. Not one to dress to the 9s, I had no problem sipping and dancing in my sweats...though I don't think that's how these guys roll, they humored me and I actually had a really great time. Nothing says "cool kid" like a dance party with complete strangers. Hit the road this morning with a starbucks and slight headache. 11 hours later, I am sitting here with a stomach full of canned herring and banana.
The south is funny. Along with the increasing frequency of porn stores, it's difficult to find a radio station that doesn't ask me to praise Jesus every 5 minutes. Two wrongs do NOT make a right...but this did lead to some great in-the-car monologues. The peaches are out and fresh pecans are everywhere though so I can't complain too much.
Should be in New Orleans by tomorrow for a few days. The hostel looks great ( so hopefully they can point out some things to eat, see, and do.

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