Friday, September 11, 2009

please sir, can i have some more?

I would LOVE to hear some words from people who have canvassed neighborhoods. This is by far one of the most interesting jobs I've had.

I've been employed for exactly one day. Campaigning and fundraising against building yet another coal plant in Meigs county. We touched the whole spectrum yesterday, from people who are fired up, have kids working for energy companies and understand that old technology coal plants fueled by mountain top removal ( are NOT the best way to power our communities. Unfortunately, with the good comes the bad...well not bad. That is a totally subjective term. However, when I meet a father whose kid just got over leukemia, doesn't think a coal plant has any effect on others lives, I'm baffled at this point. Verbatim: "I don't really care either way, it's not here and I gotta pay my utilities anyways." Sir, you already have coal plant in your neighborhood where there is an unusually high rate of childhood cancer...really? There's no connection? And if we do agree there is a connection, as long as it doesn't directly affect you, it's perfectly acceptable to allow this to happen to other communities? What is going on???? (of course I didn't say that but wow, my inner monologue was on fire!)

I'm off today to speak out against mountain top removal. We're trying to get letters written to John Boccieri, US House rep. to ban this invasive tactic. The bill is ready, we just need maximum support. Get ready doors, here we come!

I realize in the past few days I've sounded more and more like a flaming liberal. All cards on the table, I'm right down the middle. There can't be a little blue without the red. Hell, I'm all for purple! This job will more than likely burn me out. Constant passionate conviction about anything will make a person loose it. Until then I'll take the emphatic yes-es, along with the equally emphatic no-s, and continue to help swing the pendulum of indecisiveness. Without a cause we're complacent. A fate, to me, worse than burn-out. Onward and upward everyone!

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