Monday, April 18, 2011

State Park Love

Grass!!!!!!! Though the virgin sprouts were just beginning to peek their heads through the snow and muck we left in Leadville, it is in Utah something fierce!  Actually, it appeared as soon as we dropped 2,000 feet in elevation.  And then, oh heart of my hearts, there were flowers!  “PURPLE!”  I exclaimed madly as we tore west on I-70.  As I glanced right, my darling travel companion didn’t even flinch in his slumber….too many last minute goodbyes.  My eyes drank in the color, and I felt my face turning the same shade.  “Oh gawd, it’s HOT!”  Now he was awake… perky as always.  We’re estimating it was 67 F.

Changed to sandals in the City Market parking lot and ran inside for potties and provisions for the next week and half of exploring the desert and making our way back to Washington.  Air conditioning? Felt great.  With ice for our new cooler, Aleve for those rough mornings, and plenty of goodies to snack on (we may be poor but we certainly won’t tell our stomachs that), it was back on the open road.  I’m shocked to see that gas is as or more expensive than it was in Leadville.  We’re on the flat open road here people!

After a quick assessment of daylight and motivation, it was decided we stop in Green River and camp at the state “park”.  Now, I realize these don’t always hold the glory our National Parks do but after mom and I had such luck in northern po-dunk Nebraska I thought it could be a jewel in the rough.  And really Utah is such a beautiful state, there couldn’t be a bad view.  After asking directions from the Texting Tammys behind the gas station counter and a little coaxing, we found it a mile down the road.  Pulled in well before dark, paid our $16 for a spigot, grass, view of a golf course and RVs, showers, and, my favorite, BIRDS!  Reminiscent of the campgrounds Rocky and I both grew up on, this was a perfect stopping point, I even heard an owl hooting last night!  …Unless it was the same guy who was shining the light in the tree seeking out said “owl”

The robins are intense here, as are the other songbirds who are adamant they will not be out done by their friskier friends.  And one other bird of prey I haven’t experienced in a long time - mosquitoes.  I’ll hold tight to my belief that they’re relatively harmless here as there is no malaria.  So, I offered my arms out for a feast and was thankful for such different climates in such close proximity.

Charged batteries in the bathroom, used water from the tap, and settled in to a comfortable camp nest. 

As I sit here, enjoying the morning in a t-shirt and sandals, eating granola and drinking coffee, I take stock of my surroundings.  The Bulldozers are dozing, someone is definitely mowing over a cow pasture, a truck has been backing up with that BEEP for what seems like hours, children are finding it a true delight to speak in outdoor voices, and car camping really is wondrous.  We have everything we owned piled to the roof and room for a few bags of slightly more than simple food to prepare every night. 

A heron flew over this morning as I was French pressing and everything was quiet for a minute.  Ahhh, wilderness.

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  1. Sounds FAB! Sitting here tonight watching the life of John Muir in the New World....... You are living his life! I loved the professor from the University of Colorado pontificating about Muir's life from behind his desk cloistered in the hallowed halls of acedemia. Maybe I would have taken him seriously had he been under a sequoia or backdrop of the Tetons".....".
    Safe travels".......
    Love the Dali Mama