Friday, April 8, 2011

Hut Hut!

As a last hurrah for work (because we all made it through another seasonal stint and still genuinely like each other) we headed to the Continental Divide cabin, privately owned and rented through the 10th Mtn Division Huts.  I was prepared with water and toilet paper as the public use cabins in Alaska, while amazing, are nothing in amenities compared to these babies.  The circuit boasts 29 back country huts on a "suggested" trail system. 
Schlepping our booze and solid food in the kiddie sleds.  At least 50 lbs each.
  We single track skied in and was sticky going up, but all I could think about was the icy ski back in the didn't disappoint.  Being as this was my third time on x-country skis, in at least a decade, I'm pretty sure the group got a few good laughs.

This cabin, being about a mile ski in, is stocked to the max with TP, dishes, dish SOAP, clean bed sheets, and is fully powered on sloar and propane with a grill at the ready.  Heaven.  Walked in the door and was reaffirmed that this is the type of living I need to do.  Super clean outhouse, water pump for the sink and stove featured in the middle of the common room to heat and cook on.  Simply perfect.  If your biggest concern is a dead marmot in the cistern, life is pretty sweet.

 There was sun! SUN!  Not the bone shattering breeze made tolerable by some UV rays, but actual take your boots off warmth!  Ty said everyone looks like matchsticks in the spring, red faced and glowing white body.  This held true and forgoing the sunscreen, my happily pink flesh will be peeling in a few days.

People packed their various stringed instruments in and we had ourselves a little jam session.  The only song they actually made it all the way through was Wagon Wheel but hey, at least we all knew the words in our post-feast  comas.  John cooked up a serious buffet of bacon-wrapped, feta stuffed figs, grass-fed ribeye steaks, salad, and grilled veggies.

Andy, Jason, and Monty picking their little hearts out

Breakfast left something to be desired.  After a delicious Irish Coffee and Bloody Mary's all around, folks got distracted and we vulcanized our meal.
That what you get for cooking casually on wood I guess... but we sure did eat it.  
It's a sad day when the bacon actually melts to the baking sheet.

Defeat in the crust!  Rotten snow took on a new meaning for me and I tossed the skis the last 10 yards or so...and promptly post holed to my hip.  Looking forward to the desert in a few days.
After biting it HARD 3 times, I conceded for the final downhill.

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