Friday, April 9, 2010

Welcome to Denver!

Steaming into Seattle last Thursday night, I reflected on the last three months. Why does it seem like it flew as soon as we stopped working? The last couple weeks were certainly a huge drain as it seemed like one thing after another kept us from finishing. More fish quota, sick crew, rough weather, really just the usual things that crop up and it always could have been worse. No major break downs (for the boat) and sure the pay could have been better but no complaining from me. We shipped most of our product abroad this season, a subtle blow from the globalization fairy. This means the United States is eating fish from other less regulated fisheries and we're sending ours out for less money. I'll probably end up clearing between 11 and 12 thousand dollars for the 2 and a half months we actually worked. Don't even try to break that down hourly, it never works out in our favor.
The picture of the sawed-off cargo container is where I'd traipse out to make my phone calls home. Only slightly protected and really, two of the 5 phones actually worked. With everyone switching to cell phones, even in the nether regions of the planet, the pay phone is a dying breed. I find this unfortunate as the smell of urine and cacophony of languages that haunt the place adds volumes to the experience...

I spent a weekend in Seattle with cousins Todd, Heather, and little Nora. We baked vegan cupcakes (so delicious!), ate with friends, and played tea party. Had a blast and was uber-grateful when Todd was able to drop me at the airport for a 6am flight to Denver.

Rocky met me in baggage claim with a cup of hot coffee and a huge smile. It had been a long winter. We ate and popped some champagne then it was off to Peace Corps Lizzy's for a lasagna dinner and more PC friends! Lovely evening followed by and even better day as we bolted up to Fort Collins for a marathon 24-hours to check out Colorado State and spend some time with PC Tara.

The sustainable MBA program captured my interest:The degree
and after a 40-minute meeting with the program advisor, I was ready to sign over my rights as an Ohio citizen to transplant myself in the mountains. This summer in Alaska will be a blast but I'm hoping next winter brings me back here.

The next 3 weeks will be spent coaxing the little red Subaru bandit over to Utah, up through Idaho, across Washington to the Olympic peninsula for some camping, and flying up to Anchorage to begin our summer gigs. Finally feel like I'm moving forward again!

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