Thursday, April 15, 2010

Leadville, Co - the TWO mile high city

The last time I was at elevation like this I was in Nepal, and Annie and I were dragging ourselves to the base of Annapurna, with a purpose. 7 days in Leadville though, was no joke. Rocky and I weren’t looking to scale any mountains, or even do much hiking. We needed to get our gear in order and say goodbye to friends before taking off on a 3-week road trip out west. That’s why it was most shocking that moving from the kitchen to the sofa took a serious toll on my breathing. After spending 3 months with minimal cardio at sea I knew it would be rough going to exert, but walking downstairs? The town’s official elevation is around 10,200 feet, flying by Denver as the “mile-high” city.

The roommates of the house were so welcoming and cooking dinner for everyone was so much fun! …Though I didn’t really do much as once Rocky puts that apron on, it’s his show. Home made French onion soup, toasted Reubens, roasted herb potatoes, meat and cheese trays, steak dinners, and road trip snacks such as salami bread and chocolate chip/walnut cookies (I finally took over the stove!) are all examples of why visiting friends for extended periods of time can be harmful to one’s health. In an effort to get out of the house, namely the kitchen, a few of us took off to “the big city” to see Alice in Wonderland. It was Tim Burton to the max I felt, and the tea party scene was my absolute favorite.

Colorado is the ski mecca and coming from Ohio, I wasn’t sure where to jump in. The lifts alone are intimidating, sometimes requiring a few transfers to make it to the top. Roomie Justin had the perfect solution. Sunsation! Copper Mountain holds a multi-weekend free music fest every year and we happened to hit the opening weekend. The music was great, beer was expensive, and people jovial. It was the pivotal moment in deciding to begin my Colorado residency. Since touring CSU, I’ve gotten such a great vibe from the state that it’s time to leave Ohio. Formally speaking. A visit to the DMV and a few calls to CSU admissions have led me to believe it’s going to be a smooth process.

Sunday saw us dog sledding with Sally, the seasonal dog sled guide. They were hauling tail and I loved riding the sled! Apparently they can’t run above 45 degrees so we were lucky to be able to get out that morning.

We took off for Dead Horse Point state park in Utah after one last night out on the town and many rounds of beers and hugs for Rocky as he had quite a winter up there. Looking forward to some sunshine and sandals!

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