Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall Colors...of Rejection

Autumn has hit Colorado with full force.  I don't remember being so struck by the colors last year.  Perhaps that's because I was preoccupied with drinking the MBA kool aid through a fire hose, as one professor put it.  The sky is still shockingly, Colorado blue most days but I can't say I don't wake up giddy when it's overcast and gloomy; reminiscent of Alaskan summers....and Ohio most of the year.  

This is also my cohort's season for job applications.  While I'd give anything to break-in my new Simms (!) waders a little more often or even read a book for fun, the job hunt relentlessly calls me... more like nagging really.  This on top of the final semester sprint of grad school.  Busy? Yes.  Ready to put the last 18-months to good use? Absolutely!  Time to find a new sunrise to follow?  You betcha!

While I've only just started shooting out inquiries to all corners of the ethers touting my amazing ninja-employee skills, I did recently receive the nicest rejection email one could get.  A personalized, two-paragraph letter from the interior of Alaska saying that I in fact, do very much align with their organization's mission, I just need more experience.  Now, I've had a hell of a time traveling, Peace Corps-ing, fishing, Alaska-ing, and learning.  No apologies and no regrets but geez is it hard to convey that much awesomeness and that many lessons learned in a cover letter.  And really, if someone is going to reject you for a job, feedback is like a runner-up I got that going for me.

And so when friends went out for a little jazz and fancy drinks last night, I indulged in a smoked salmon martini with bleu cheese stuffed olives...because it certainly tasted like Alaska since I can't get back there just yet.  

Took myself out of Fort Collins proper today, enjoyed the tree colors popping against the grey sky and discovered one more maintained natural area, managed by the city. Enjoy the photos, hopefully more to come as I have mandated personal outings to keep the sanity alive.

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