Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Seasonal Lifestyle

Before departing for the season, 4 other ladies and I decided it was high time for a girls' weekend! I've heard nothing but praises about the town of Homer. Clear skies, beautiful ocean views, and great camping and local shopping on the spit.
Realizing it was the end of the season, we braced ourselves for minimal crowds and sales. Turns out we missed most of the shops by a day. This may be because we spent the previous day at the Ring of Fire Meadery taste-testing and then perusing a used book store for hours. We grabbed some dinner at the wildly overpriced and equally cheesy Crabbie's...they played the Indiana Jones soundtrack folks. On a budget after dinner and still recovering from a "staff meeting" the night before, we looked for a spot to hole up for the night. It was cold, windy, and not so "leisure sport friendly". Camping is usually the go-to move for visitors but the fog was so dense, it was literally like driving in soup. Too bad hotels are outrageous, even in the off season. Braving the elements, we set up our tents and passed out by 9pm, a little soggy but listening to the ocean waves crash nonetheless.
Morning brought the sound of cars zooming up the road so we packed up, shook the sand out of our tents and went in search of caffeine. Everything on the spit was boarded up except a great gas-station type store that sold AK pins for $2! They shut the water down so people vacate, except for the Land's End hotel. Again, the gas-station store to the rescue, and a cup was only 80-cents!!!!! Best deal in years! Downed the coffee and decided bloody mary's could make this ladies' adventures perfect. Just so happens the Salty Dog Saloon was right in front of us. After forgetting about daylight for a bit, we ate sandwiches on our tailgate and headed to Seaside Farms. How adorable! I highly recommend going to, at the very least, the website. It is a for SURE stop next year. Farmers Market for some jalapeno jam and headed home. Love my ladies and was so happy I got one last weekend with these great girls!
This panoramic is of Nicole checking out some glaciers across the bay. Almost surreal.

Since beginning my winter transition, it's been nothing but packing, unpacking, and winter job searching. This six month cycle is really just never ending displacement. I still find it curious how I can sleep in my sister's twin bed, put my laundry in and out of my backpack but find the most peace of mind back in Painesville. Maybe it's the yellow lab who is at my side "helping" with everything.

Leaving for Leadville, CO in a few days. Making the drive across country with all my belongings, mom, and a plug in water boiler so we don't even have to stop for coffee. Look out Nebraska, we're blowin' through! No idea what I'll be doing this winter but it will probably involve skis, wine, and good friends. Stay tuned!

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