Monday, January 11, 2010

Steam on!

In an effort to avoid that annoying mass email option, I’ll be attempting to blog over the next few months to keep everyone updated with what’s going down on the high seas. But let’s not get too crazy and expect pictures, with this connection we’ll just have to wait.

Seattle was great though time was cut short by a delayed flight as I mentioned earlier. Cousin Todd came out to pick up the nomad and family catch-up time is always great. Slept on the boat only after running the gauntlet of conversation with Frank, our security guard. Bless that man as he is DEEPLY involved in the security of our ship and the crew’s well being. Saturday night was excellent as well; Peace Corps friends are everywhere! Just as in Denver I had the chance to reconnect with some old friends who are doing fabulous things. Cheers to Steve, Jaren, and Matt; not least for shoving me into a taxi first at the end of the night. I just knew the lock down was about to begin and wanted to make absolutely sure we were done for the evening. I’m certain April will bring some great times as well.

We steamed out of the harbor at 11:30 or so Sunday morning and it’s been a bit rough. Nothing like it will get once we start fishing but that familiar rocking got a little intense last night as everything I had stashed on my bunk shelf came crashing down on me. I’ve forgotten a few of the quirks about living aboard.
1. As much as I’ve said it, it still holds true: seasickness really does suck. There just aren’t two ways about it, sick is sick and I feel like I’ve been hung-over for days. That hot, sweaty feeling that would go away if only I could get to the door, though it’s just to be greeted by the churning ocean – far too reminiscent of my stomach’s current state.
2. The side to side rocking not only affects walking down the halls, hoisting myself in and out of bed, closing my eyes in the shower, but also getting on and off the toilet. Enough said, and you’re welcome for the mental picture.
3. Once the niceties of “Happy New Year” and “How’s your family” are out of the way, people are perfectly content to not hold a conversation. That said, I have been pleasantly surprised at the number of people who remember my name and the fact that I was guiding this past summer.
It’s actually been fun to play catch up and I am genuinely happy to be back. There may be some merit in the fact that this is my second time around. I know the ropes and people know I can pull my own weight.

Am currently keeping my salad down and about to watch a movie. Life will be this tough for the next 6 days until we hit Dutch.

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