Tuesday, July 21, 2009

coming and going

This has been an insane month! In true alaskan form, we will all sleep when we're dead. Over the last month, I have:

led day hikes, learned the inner workings of safari planning, helped around base camp, learned what the fish folk do around here, taken a personal trip out to the back country lodge, learned the ropes of rowing a raft, gone on many a pleasure hike, taken part in an all-girl costume float down the river in prime fishing season (heh), led my first explorer safari (9-days), turned 25 (we had a duct tape lingere party :), caught my first king salmon at 39 pounds, read about 5 pages of a book, glimpsed at my Ameri-corps stuff, not called my friends and family enough, craigslist-ed about a million trucks.

Phew! I'll be up here until the beginning of september and that might be a good thing. Otherwise, I'd just have to keep going. Going on a two day camping trip to Crescent and Carter lakes tomorrow (google it). Should be a blast, and will scrape myelf together to get to work on Friday morning. I start two back to back trips August first and am pretty much clear after that.

I have computer access every day I'm in the office but just can't seem to wrap my head around anything enough to verbalize how happy I am. If only the beer were free..... OH, and new pics, check out the three or so new albums!!!!!

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